Finally! After months of development involving over 100 hours of work, it is finished. The Ninja 5! :D This time with scrolling levels, new weapons/enemies, and a boss!

Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD to move, Z/M to switch weapons, X/N to throw explosives (if you have them).

Notes and Credits

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The Ninja Level Creator:

Hacked Version:
Extreme (hard) Version:

Big thanks to the people who helped me beta test:
- @ToadFanSchool
- @TakeASeatCat
- @snow-cannon
- @--Waterfall--
- @jromagnoli
- @jlam09
- @xPegasusx
Thanks to @IryRasmo and @scratchww for pointing out glitches.

Most of the music (if not all of it) is from Naruto.

(The credits and the project are not mine. Credit to Will_Wam on Scratch for them.)

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